Dr. Kevin Black, M.D., is conducting a study with children  ages 5 – 10 who are experiencing a recent onset of tics. The purpose of this research is to compare children who go on to develop Tourette Syndrome with children whose tics have resolved.

Tics are repetitive, involuntary sounds or movements like eye blinking, sniffing, abdominal tensing or making small noises.

To learn more or to enroll in this study, please complete the contact form below. After you submit your information, our recruiter will get in touch with you to ask some simple questions to determine if you’re child is eligible for our study.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Who may qualify for this study?

  • Children ages 5-10 years old with parent/guardian participation

  • Children with tics that started less than 12 months ago

What does participation include?

  • Up to 6 visits, plus annual follow-ups.
  • Questionnaires & interviews
  • Genetic testing (saliva sample)
  • MRI scans
  • Compensation provided for time and effort