Denise Head, Psychological & Brain Sciences – “Sleep fragmentation and hippocampal-dependent spatial navigation processes in aging”

Tracey Hermanstyne, Developmental Biology – “Are daily rhythms in firing activity in SCN neurons required in regulating circadian rhythms?”

Chad Sylvester, Psychiatry – “Functional network dysfunction in individual children with anxiety disorders”

Ian Dobbins, Psychological & Brain Sciences – “Mapping the dynamics pupillometry onto functional brain networks during recognition”

Daniel Kerschensteiner, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences – “Organization and function of suppressed-by-contrast signals from the retina to the brain”

Jordan McCall, Anesthesiology – “Determining the impact of pain on locus coeruleus circuitry and motivated behaviors”

Jennifer Strahle, Neurosurgery – “Novel CSF flow imaging using gold nanoparticle-enhanced x-ray microtomography”

Geraldine Kress, Neurology – “Resetting the clock in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Timothy Holy, Neuroscience – “Vertical light sheet microscopy for deep-brain imaging”

Vitaly Klyachko, Cell Biology & Physiology – “Probing the role of BABA Receptors in abnormal circuit computations in fragile X syndrome”

Adam Bauer, Radiology  – “Mapping glucose utilization in a mouse model of beta amyloidosis”

ShiNung Ching, Electrical & Systems Engineering – “Neural dynamics of threshold-based processing in sensory networks”

Luigi Maccotta, Neurology – “Neural correlates of memory training in epilepsy: the method of Loci”

Karen O’Malley, Neuroscience – “Risk-taking behaviors in humanized mice expressing dopamine receptor (DRD4) variants”

Deanna Greene, Psychiatry – “Preliminary investigation of motor and cognitive inhibition in the brain in children with Tourette syndrome”

Srikanth Singamaneni, Mechanical Engineering – “Neuroplasmonics: Selective control of neural activity using plasmonic nanoantennae”

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