Sexual Violence Prevention & Advocacy (SVPA) at WashULaw

SVPA is a WashULaw student organization founded in fall 2021 which aims to:

  • Educate law students about campus resources and their rights under Title IX;
  • Encourage the law school to implement educational opportunities related to sexual violence prevention
  • Advocate on behalf of WashU and St. Louis survivors; and
  • Create community among students interested in this field of work.

Previous organizational projects and initiatives include: training for students with prevention specialists, volunteer events with local shelters, sourcing free safer-sex products into the law school building, Condoms & Candy events, facilitated “Real Talk” discussion events, informational campaigns to raise awareness about domestic violence prevention & resources, a clothing drive, a fundraiser for a local nonprofit organization, social activities, and more.

2022-23 Executive Board

  • President: Elena LeVan (she/her)
  • Vice President: Cooper Lerner (he/him)
  • Treasurer: Sydney Selman (she/her)
  • Co-Chairs of Communication: Sydney Everett (she/her) & Melanie Villarino (she/her)
  • Chair of Education & Advocacy: Hannah Grage (she/her)
  • Chair of Community Service: Annika Reikersdorfer (she/her)
  • Co-Chairs of Policy & Advocacy: Naomi Weigold (she/her) & Jacob Senchak (he/him)
  • 1L Board:
    • Haley Bills (she/her)
    • Marissa Cripe (she/her)
    • Beatrice Nisoli (she/her)

Community Resources

There is incredible strength in community and we are grateful to be a part of the community at WashULaw. This group is not one that is equipped to provide therapeutic services, but we are happy to help students seek out those services. Those who are experiencing sexual violence, or who know someone who is experiencing sexual violence, are encouraged to take a look at some of the incredible community resources available to our students. These include:

Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP) Center

  • Classification: On-Campus, Free, Confidential
  • Services Offered: The RSVP Center offers FREE and confidential survivor-centered resources to all students including graduate students at WashU. The RSVP Center provides clinical counseling and advocacy for those who have been impacted by sexual violence, as well as opportunities for education and student leadership. There is an RSVP counselor available 24/7. 
  • Contact Information:
    • Location: Siegle Hall, Suite 435
    • Phone: 314-935-3445 (Non-Crisis Number)
    • After-Hours: 314-935-8080 (S.A.R.A.H. – Student-run hotline that will connect you with the counselor on call.)
    • Email:

YWCA St. Louis Women’s Crisis Services & Housing

  • Classification: Off-Campus, Free, Confidential
  • Services Offered: The YWCA offers crisis support (both via an emergency hotline and in the hospital and police station), individual and group therapy, legal and medical advocacy, crime victim compensation assistance, and services for friends and family of survivors. The YWCA also offers housing support as well as prevention & education services.
  • Contact Information:
    • Drop-In Center: 1155 Olivette Executive Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63132
    • Phone: 314-531-1115 (Non-Crisis Number)
    • 24-7 Hotline: 314-531-7273
    • Email:

For additional information and a comprehensive list of additional, on- and off-campus resources, please see this site.