These are just a few examples of Studio: TESLA member experiences and what we’ve learned on our mission to teach STEM topics to middle school students.

Studio: TESLA has been an extremely practical way to teach local students important principles through engaging, fun projects. Over time, it is so cool to see how students grow their problem solving skills while enjoying themselves!

My favorite specific experience was a day when the students each created their own aircraft. At the end, they were so excited to test them out, and I remember videoing a whole group of them throwing their planes at me. They were so excited to show off their work!

Honestly, my favorite experience is meeting the people of Studio: TESLA and getting to interact with different engineering majors of whom I wouldn’t normally meet.

My favorite studio activity was the earthquake simulator with the Holman studio group a few semesters ago. The students were especially excited and slightly competitive that day when they paired up to build the tallest structures they could to withstand an earthquake. It was exciting to see groups of students come together through strings of “aha” moments to develop the best designs they could.

I’m in Operations, so I get first hand experience teaching the kids and watching them get excited over learning different STEM concepts. My experience has been rewarding and fulfilling.