VP of Enrichment: Kaitlyn Hardesty

As VP of Enrichment, Kaitlyn Hardesty leads the team designing studio activities students will complete each week. The enrichment team discusses useful STEM concepts and develops creative ways to demonstrate them through engaging activities. The team compiles background information, directions, and materials necessary for each project. Kaitlyn learned about TESLA during her first semester, and […]

VP of Resources: Claire Allen

As the VP of Resources, Claire Allen takes charge of budgeting for Studio TESLA, which involves procuring and allocating funds from WashU’s Student Union for club functions. Her role is essential in supplying the club with necessary materials and resources for day-to-day projects and our long-term campaigns. Claire is also in charge of fundraising and […]

VP of Operations: Nathalie Austin

As VP of Operations, Nathalie Austin makes sure students at every site will have the materials and mentors needed to ensure a successful activity. She makes sure there are plenty of resources for every student to complete hands-on design challenges. With the Operations team, she works directly and closely with students as they complete activities […]

VP of Communications: Spencer Williams

As VP of Communications, Spencer Williams publishes information and graphics for Studio: TESLA. For the team, this includes flyers and images for weekly and larger events at schools, managing this website, and taking pictures and videos of various activities. Spencer Williams had wanted to be involved with Studio: TESLA after teaching STEM topics to middle […]

Studio: TESLA President: Griffin Cross

As president of Studio: TESLA, Griffin Cross communicates with the schools we work with and handles details with Washington University administration. While keeping the operation running smoothly, he also looks for new potential partnerships in the St. Louis community. Griffin had worked with an organization similar to TESLA in high school, so he knew he […]