1. Do I have to have a referral to schedule an appointment?
    No. Patients can a self-refer, but if you do have an OB provider please discuss with them your desire to enroll in CARE clinic.
  2. Do I have to have insurance?
    No. If you do not have insurance, at your first appointment you will need to meet with our Medicaid specialist.
  3. What will happen at the first visit?
    The first visit is about two hours longs. You can expect to have an exam and ultrasound performed by the OB providers. The nurse will complete an intake assessment and labs will be drawn. Medications can be prescribed at this time if appropriate.
  4. Does CARE clinic prescribe methadone?
    Does CARE clinic accept patients on methadone? No we do not prescribe methadone, but we do accept patients who are currently on methadone or desire to start methadone.  Our social worker can assist you with resources regarding methadone clinics.
  5. Can patients enroll in CARE clinic and have their MAT (subutex, suboxone, or methadone) prescribed by another provider and/or program?
    Yes. CARE clinic can still offer you OB care and resources such as a social worker, therapist, and psychiatrist.