New Paper Status

Update to Pakistan Schools Paper

By stephen.p.ryan on January 31, 2020 in New Paper Status

We have just updated our paper, “Delivering Education to the Underserved through a Public-Private Partnership Program in Pakistan.” You can find it here: PPRS_Jan31_2020.pdf.

New Version of Part D Paper Posted

By stephen.p.ryan on September 17, 2018 in New Paper Status

After a two-year revision, we have posted a new version of our paper, “Subsidy Design in Privately-Provided Social Insurance: Evidence from Medicare Part D.” This paper was formerly titled “The Welfare Effects of Supply-Side Regulations in Medicare Part D.” The two major c...

New Version of Moment Forests posted

By stephen.p.ryan on February 19, 2018 in New Paper Status

Please find a new version of my paper, “Moment Forests” (formerly “Classification Trees for Heterogeneous Moment-Based Models”), joint with Sam Asher, Denis Nekipelov, and Paul Novosad, located here:¬†Moment Forests. We have submitted the paper for review.

NBER Working Paper W23870

By stephen.p.ryan on September 29, 2017 in New Paper Status

Our development paper looking at the effect of entrepreneur schools in rural Pakistan is now an NBER working paper: