Our research spans a broad spectrum of statistical fields. You can learn about the research of our faculty below.

Professor Jimin Ding's Research

Survival Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data, Functional Data Analysis, Nonparametric Smoothing Methods, Systems of Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Profile Likelihood, Asymptotic Theories. For more information visit her Personal Website

Professor Jose Figueroa-Lopez's Research

Professor Figueroa-Lopez’s work lies on the interplay between Statistics, Financial Mathematics, and Probability. Current and broad research interests include: Inference Based on High-Frequency and Limit Order Book Data; Nonparametric Estimation and Model Selection Methods; Time Series Analysis; Lévy-driven and Jump-Diffusion Models; Near-Expiration and Short-Maturity Option Asymptotics; Portfolio Optimization and Stochastic Control in Continuous-Time Models;  High-Frequency Algorithmic Trading; Limit Order Book Modeling, and Asset Price Formation. For more information visit his Personal Website

Professor Todd Kuffner's Research

Professor Kuffner works on higher-order asymptotic theory for parametric inference, bootstrap theory, objective Bayes, and post-selection inference. Personal Website

Professor Nan Lin's Research

Professor Lin’s methodological research is in the areas of statistical computing for massive data, Bayesian regularization, bioinformatics, longitudinal and functional data analysis and psychometrics. His applied research involves statistical analysis of data from anesthesiology, genomics and cognition. He teaches a wide range of statistics courses, including mathematical statistics, Bayesian statistics, linear models, experimental design, statistical computation, and nonparametric statistics. More information in Personal Website

Professor Ed Spitznagel's Research

Statistics and Statistical Computation; Application of Statistics to Medicine:  Personal Website