Courses Offered by the Department of Mathematics (course descriptions can be found at

Math 2200 Elementary Probability and Statistics

Math 3200 Elementary to Intermediate Statistics with Data Analysis

Math 322 Biostatistics

Math 408 Nonparametric Statistics

Math 420 Experimental Design

Math 434 Survival Analysis

Math 439 Linear Statistical Models

Math 4392 Advanced Linear Statistical Models

Math 459 Bayesian Statistics

Math 460 Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Math 461 Time Series Analysis

Math 462 Mathematical Foundations of Big Data

Math 475 Statistical Computation

Math 493 Probability

Math 494 Mathematical Statistics

Math 495 Stochastic Processes

Math 5061 Theory of Statistics I

Math 5062 Theory of Statistics II

Popular Electives include:

MATH 449 Numerical Applied Mathematics
MATH 4301 Multilevel Modeling (POLI SCI 584C)
Math 456 Financial Mathematics
MATH 523C Information Theory and Statistics (ESE 523)
B62 FIN 538 Stochastic Foundations for Finance
B62 FIN 539 Mathematical Finance (1.5 credits)
BIO 4181 Population Genetics
BIOL 5483 01 Human Linkage and Association Analysis
BIOL 5495 01 Computational Molecular Biology
CSE 514A Data Mining
CSE 515T Bayesian Methods in Machine Learning
CSE 517A Machine Learning
CSE 519T Advanced Machine Learning
CSE 541 Advanced Algorithms
Econ 513 Introduction to Econometrics
Econ 5145 Advanced Theoretical Econometrics
Econ 5161 Applied Econometrics
Econ 5175 Structural Microeconometrics
ESE 545 Stochastic Control
ESE 522 – Random Variables and Stochastic Processes II
MEC 670 – Seminar in Econometrics

Click at A.M. electives or Ph.D. electives for a complete list (other electives may be allowed in consultation with the student’s advisor)