Our alumni go on to do great things. The success of our former students is very important to us; their success is our success! Some information about our past student placements is given below.

If you are an alumnus of our university’s statistics programs, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and let us know where life has taken you!

Ph.D. Recipients

  • Chao Chang (2015), Google, Data Analyst, San Francisco, California
    Thesis: Nonparametric Bayesian Quantile Regression
  • Hien-haw Liow (2015), Google, Software Developer, New York, New York
    Thesis: Application of Machine Learning to Mapping and Simulating Gene Regulatory Network
  • Xiao Huang (2011), CGGVeritas, Seismic Imager, Houston, Texas
    Thesis: Using Dirichlet Process Priors for Bayesian Mixture Clustering
  • Andrew Womack (2011), Indiana University, Assistant Profesor of Statistics, Bloomington, Indiana
    Thesis: Predictive Alternatives in Bayesian Model Selection
  • Qing Li (2010), Merck & Co., Associate Principal Scientist
    Thesis: On Bayesian Regression Regularization Methods
  • Ruibin Xi (2009), Peking University, School of Mathematical Sciences, Assistant Professor, Beijing, China
    Thesis: Statistical Aggregation: Theory and Applications

A.M. Recipients

Our A.M. students go in many different directions. Selected alumni include:

  • John Scott (A.M. in Mathematics, 2001)
    University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. in Biostatistics; currently Acting Director, Division of Biostatistics, CBER at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Leah Welty (A.M. in Mathematics, 1998)
    University of Chicago, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Northwestern University
  • Arlene Ash (A.M. in Mathematics, 1972)
    University of Illinois Chicago, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Professor and Chief, Division of Biostatistics, UMass Medical School
  • Keith Crandall (A.M. Statistics, and Ph.D. in Biology & Biological Sciences, 1993)
    Director of the Computational Biology Institute, and Professor of Biology at George Washington University

Some more recent placements are listed below:

  • Xinwei Zhang (2017), Rutgers University, Ph.D. in statistics
    Thesis: On Post-Selection Confidence Intervals in Linear Regression
  • Yiyao Luo (2017), University of Rochester, Ph.D. in economics
    Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Markovian Queueing Models of Limit Order Books
  • Rohan Shirali (2016), Boston Children’s Hospital, Statistical Analyst, Boston, Massachusetts
    Thesis: Classification Trees and Rule-Based Modeling Using the C5.0 Algorithm for Self-Image Across Sex and Race in St. Louis
  • Weixuan Gao (2016), Stanford University, M.S. in engineering
    Thesis: Spot Volatility Estimation of Itoˆ Semimartingales Using Delta Sequences
  • Haeri Lee (2012), BMW Korea, CRM Specialist, South Korea
    Thesis: Bayesian Bidimensional Regression and Its Extension
  • Jia Wang (2009), Merck Serono, Biostatistician, Bejing, China
  • Zhiyong Huang (2008), China Mobile, Research Analyst, China

A.B. in Mathematics, Probability & Statistics Track

Selected alumni:

  • Lynn Eberly (A.B. in Mathematics, 1991)
    Cornell University, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Professor of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota
  • Joseph Guinness (A.B. in Mathematics, 2007; Silverstein Prize)
    University of Chicago, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Assistant Professor of Statistics, NC State University
  • Jennifer Bobb (A.B. in Mathematics, 2006)
    Johns Hopkins University, Ph.D. in Biostatistics; currently Assistant Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute
  • Walter Ambrosius (A.B./A.M. 1991)
    University of Chicago, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Professor of Biostatistical Sciences, Wake Forest University
  • Charity Morgan (A.B. in Mathematics, 2003; Ross Middlemiss Prize in Mathematics)
    Harvard University, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Bruce Craig (A.B. in Mathematics, 1989)
    University of Wisconsin Madison, Ph.D. in Statistics; currently Professor of Statistics, Purdue University
    Author of Moore, McCabe & Craig, `Introduction to the Practice of Statistics’, now in its 8th edition!
  • Mark Schactman (A.B. in Mathematics, 1988)
    Johns Hopkins University, M.H.S. in Biostatistics; currently Statistical Scientist at Statistics Collaborative
  • Andrea Gensler (A.B. in Mathematics, 2007)
    Statistician, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Daniel Kowal (A.B. in Mathematics, 2012; Silverstein Prize)
    Cornell University, current Ph.D. student in Statistics

Some more examples of where our undergraduates have placed in recent years:

  • University of Michigan, Ph.D. in Statistics (2016)
  • University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. in Statistics (2016)
  • GEICO, Actuarial Assistant, Washington D.C. (2016)
  • Summit (Analytics Consulting), Analyst, Washington D.C. (2016)
  • MIT, Lincoln Laboratory (2015)
  • University of Pennsylvania, M.S. in Biostatistics (2015)
  • Harvard University, M.S. in Computational Science (2013)