The Suicidal Thoughts and Actions Research in Kids (STARK) project is examining what young children know about the concept of suicide, along with risk factors for experiencing suicidality early in life.

What do young children know about suicide?
What types of play and talk about death is normal (most is!) and when should we be concerned?
What experiences might put children at risk for experiencing suicidal ideation?

If your child is 4- to 7-years old you may be eligible to participate in a research study to help us find out!
We are seeking children who have experienced suicidal thoughts or behaviors, along with children who have not experienced suicidal thoughts or behaviors for this study.

Topics we are studying include:

  • Children’s knowledge of the concept of suicide
  • Early experiences hearing about suicide from friends, family, or the media
  • How risk factors for suicidal thoughts might be different in children than adolescents
  • What expressions of suicidal thoughts or behaviors look like in young children

The Study:

  • One study visit (3 hours) for parent and child
  • $110 + prizes for your child
  • The visit consists of games, a safe non-invasive EEG for your child, interviews, and questionnaires
  • Study procedures are provided at no cost to you

Note: We want to make you aware that research with adolescents and adults (but not yet children) has found that asking individuals about suicide does not encourage or increase suicidal thoughts or behaviors, and can even lead to small reductions in suicidal thoughts and behaviors.