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STAR: Specialized Training for Administrators of Research

STAR formed under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research as a result of a school and department lead initiative which determined that the research administration community would greatly benefit from an expanded curriculum and additional training opportunities.

The STAR program strives to develop and provide training opportunities that will allow trainees to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career within research administration.

STAR Advisory Committee Membership


  • Improve grants administration expertise
  • Create promotional paths, encourage and enhance professional development, and retain qualified staff
  • Enhance support for faculty
  • Strengthen compliance efforts and reduce risk
  • Foster interdepartmental communications and knowledge sharing
  1. PA: Pre-Award Track
  2. AW: Post-Award Track
  3. PO: Procurement Track
  4. PR: Payroll Track
  5. RT: Reporting Track

Upcoming Courses

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  • Each track offers online modules and in-person trainings.
  • Certification: Successful completion of the Pre-Award or Post‐Award tracks earn the trainee an intermediate level certificate.
  • If the trainee successfully completes both the Pre‐Award and Post‐Award Tracks, a full certificate will be earned.