Let a material change the world.

Welcome to Dr. Ran’s Quantum Materials Lab. We aim to realize, understand and eventually control the exotic behaviors of quantum systems that hold promise for next new generation of electronic technology.

PRL paper

Our discovery of 3D Fermi surface of UTe2 is published on PRL.

Nature! two papers at a time

Discovery of charge density wave and pair density wave of UTe2 were published on Nature together. We are honored to be part of the team.

First paper on Nature Communications

Our discovery of anomalous Hall on Kondo ferromagnet USbTe has been published on Nature Communications. Good job, Hasan and Chris!

Job offer!

Hasan just received a job offer from Nokia Bell lab to work on quantum computation (the package makes us think we should all go to the industry). Congratulations, Hasan! We are all very proud of you!