SPIE/OSA Student Chapters from Northwestern University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Chicago, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Texas A&M University, and Aston University (UK), we are hosting a joint online student seminar.

The use of online meeting technologies has removed the physical barrier across different institutions such that a massive collaboration like this is made possible

​This webinar is a weekly event for invited students and postdocs (occasionally faculty members as well) to share their research with a broad STEM audience.

DateTime SpeakerUniversityTopic/Title
Aug 411 am​Jingshan DuNorthwestern​Halide Perovskite Nanocrystal Arrays: Multiplexed Synthesis and Size-Dependent Emission 
Aug 1110 am​Tatjana GricAstonApplications of the metamaterial formalism
Aug 1811 amIgor MeglinskiAstonPotential of Structured Vortex Laser Beams in Tissue Diagnosis
Aug 2511 amKevin EliceiriWisconsin-MadisonComputational Optics of the Tumor Microenvironment
Sep 111:30 am​Nathalie De LeonHost: Purdue
Speaker: Priceton
Engineering new solid-state quantum defects
Sep 1711 amXiaoyue NiNorthwestenEpidermal Mechano-Acoustic Sensing for Pervasive Healthcare
Sep 2211 amYuzhe XiaoWisconsin-MadisonNon-trial thermal emission: engineering to applications
Oct 0611 amSoham SahaPurdue UniversityTuning and tailoring the permittivities of transparent conducting oxides for dynamic nanophotonic applications
Oct 1311 amFabrizio RiminucciUniversity of Salento & Lawrence Berkeley National LabEnhancement of Parametric Effects in Dipolar Exciton-Polariton Waveguides
Oct 2011 amChristine O’BrienWashington University in St. LouisFocal dynamic thermal imaging for label-free detection of cancer in preclinical models
Oct 2710 amArefeh SherafatiOptical Radiology Lab at Washington UniversitySeparating Signal from Noise in High-Density Diffuse Optical Tomography
Nov 52 pmBrian PogueDartmouth College Professor The Science, Medicine & Economics of Translation Success
Nov 1011 amAlexandra WalshTexas A&M UniversityAutofluorescence lifetime imaging of cell function
Nov 1711 amPedro J. FreireAston UniversityComplex-Valued Neural Network Design for Mitigation of Signal Distortions in Optical Links in Highly Nonlinear Regimes
Nov 2411 am Elvis Duran SierraTexas A&M UniversityNoninvasive autofluorescence image-guided discrimination of malignant oral lesions vs. healthy oral tissue
Feb 111 amAvik DuttStanford UniversitySynthetic Dimensions: harnessing internal degrees of freedom of light for quantum, nonlinear and topological photonics
Feb 1611:00 amNathaniel KinseyVirginia Commonwealth UniversityEpsilon-Near-Zero Materials -Making Photons Talks
Feb 23 2 pmJustus NdukaifeVanderbilt UniversityA New Paradigm for Nano-Optical Trapping and Analysis of Single Molecules