The St. Louis Personality & Intergenerational Network Study

We are now extending the SPAN study to investigate the children and grandchildren of our participants.  This extension of the SPAN study is referred to as the St. Louis Personality & Intergenerational Network (SPIN) study.  The SPAN study has demonstrated that certain personality, psychosocial, and biological factors affect health in later life.  However, we suspect that these factors transcend generational boundaries to influence the health and well-being of subsequent generations. 

Therefore, in the SPIN study, we are attempting to determine how these variables are transmitted across generations.  It is our hope that this study will shed light on how health disparities arise and are “inherited” by future generations, particularly the proliferation of racial health disparities.

Without the BRAINLab and PATH Lab .. SPIN would not exist. We continue to be grateful to all those that have contributed to the success of SPAN/SPIN!

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