“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.”

Maya Angelou

The SPAN Lab appreciates the contributions of those that worked so tirelessly to help make our study a success. Here are a few photos of those very people!

July 2009 – Andy Shields, Rickey Louis, Abby Powers, Amber Bolton-Wilson, Merlyn Rodrigues, Tom Oltmanns, Christie Spence, Erin Lawton, and Gitanjali Narayanon.

Sept 2009 – Our wonderful and amazing undergraduate research assistants — we are always so grateful for their hard work and dedication to SPAN. We couldn’t do it without them!

Dec 2009 – Amber Bolton-Wilson, Andy Shields, Rickey Louis, and Merlyn Rodrigues

Nov 2010Back: Tom Oltmanns, Rickey Louis, Abby Powers, Erin Lawton, Amber Bolton-Wilson
Front: Joshua Oltmanns, Merlyn Rodrigues, Christie Spence, and Janine Galione

Nov 2011Back: Erin Lawton, Tom Oltmanns, Joshua Oltmanns, Amber Bolton-Wilson
Front: Yana Weinstein, Abby Powers, Christie Spence, Merlyn Rodrigues, and Hannah King

Oct 2015 – SPAN Birthday lunch, with Betsy Edershile, Michael Boudreaux, Spondita Goswami, Patrick Cruitt, Hannah King, and Tom Oltmanns

2015: SPAN ‘field trip’ to Montreal..to present papers at the annual ISSPD conference.
Back: Gail Oltmanns, Joshua Oltmanns, Patrick Cruitt, Taka Suzuki
Front: Hannah King, Betsy Edershile

2016 Back: Michael Boudreaux, Joshua Oltmanns, Tom Oltmanns, Steve Balsis, Patrick Cruitt
Front: Betsy Edershile, Merlyn Rodrigues, Juliette McClendon, Hannah King

2017 Back: Jared Balbona, Ryan Bogdan, Tom Oltmanns, Michael Boudreaux, Patrick Cruitt
Middle: Alexeis Ong, Ally Cooper, Molli Kennedy, Katy Chang, Natalie Stephanus, Gavin Rakoff, Grace Cao
Front: Lauren Fournier, Jessica Chinn, Tina White, Sarah Paul, Laura Rosenbaum, Jessica Birg

2019Back: Tom Oltmanns, Ryan Bogdan, & Patrick Cruitt
Front: Michaela Voss, Hera Tang, Sawsan Salah, and Sarah Paul

June 2022 – Celebrating Isabella’s last day. Left to right: Isabella Hansen, Sara Norton, Jackie Bean, Katie McGilvery, Ryan Bogdan, Isaiah Spears

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