More than 120 volunteer research assistants have contributed to SPAN over the years!

Our research program would not be possible without the support that we have received from the amazing undergraduate students at WU who have served as voluntary research assistants for our study.  Their dedication, energy, and resilience have sustained us through many busy years. We remain extremely grateful for their help.  Most of our former research assistants have gone on to pursue professional careers in exciting fields, ranging from psychology, social work, and education to medicine, business, and the law.  Several have received (or are working on) doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and are now publishing their own research.  Below we list their names and provide hot links to descriptions of their many accomplishments (whenever we could find them).  Congratulations to all of you!

Tom Oltmanns and Ryan Bogdan

Our Current Undergrads:

Thank you for your unwavering support of SPAN

Adam Abadir

Jabari Allen

Ayse Canan Altindas

Dara Baker

Kirk Ballew

Andrea Baltazar

Rhea Banks

Gabe Becker

Kourtney Benion

Joey Berk

Phillip Bierman

Jessica Birg

Molly Blauner

Julianne Borelli

Jacob Briggs

James Bryant

Jennifer Bush

Grace Cao

Katharine Chang

Dominic Choo

Taylor Clark

Katherine Clevenger

Lucy Cohen

Lisa Cohn

Ally Cooper

Theresa DiMascio

Meg Eisfelder

David Engler

Yash Erukalla

Daryl Stein

Natalie Stephanus

Marleigh Stern

Olivia Suber

Megan Taylor

Andrea Temkin

Areon Thomas

Cristal Thomas

Jonah Thornton

Jennifer Travis

Jordana Zackon

Katie McGilvery

Sang-Mi Lee

Katherine Finnegan

Sara Fisch

Lauren Fournier

Grace Gallagher

Sarah Goldenberg

Brittany Goodman

Alexandria Goodyear

Sarah Griffin

Jen Guo

Claudia Hendrick

Haley Hinton

Rebecca Horowitz

Rachel Howard

Jovana Husic

Paul Hyunhwan

Nicole Izhakoff

Grace Jaramillo

Paul Johannet

Christina Johnston

Chloe Kalish

Juliana Karp

Kelly Kilgallon

David Kim

Emily Kline

Brittany Koch

Casey Kohlstruck

Olivia Laing

Chris Leatherwood

Sarah Lim

Emily Vanderbleek

Destinee Webb

Margie Whitelaw

Sophie Wolman

Elizabeth Wyleczuk-Stern

Stephanie VanSiill

Cecilia Votta

Trish Yeh

Richard Yu

Stacy Yun

Anya Dubner

Madison Denton

Ella Achenbach