Jacquelyn Bean

Project Coordinator

Jackie is new to WashU having started in October of 2021 as the Project Coordinator.  In 2007 she obtained her BS in Criminal Justice from Western Illinois University and then served 13 years as a 911 Dispatcher.  Her background in research and organization within the field of law enforcement will serve her well in coordinating the SPAN Lab.  She is interested in the intergenerational aspect of SPAN/SPIN and how one’s life experiences can affect the generations that come after them.  Outside of the lab, Jackie enjoys spending time with her wife, hanging out with her kids, tattoos, and travel — to anywhere!

Project Coordinator Alumni

Sawsan Salah, MPH, CPH

Former Project Coordinator

Sawsan started at Washington University in summer of 2019, after graduating with her masters in Public Health from Saint Louis University. Her love for research and appreciation of longitudinal studies were the perfect ingredients for an organized Project Coordinator at the SPAN Lab. After spending a little over 2 years with us, she continued her work in Public Health by working as a Project Coordinator for a local, community-based project seeking to increase COVID-19 vaccination access in North St. Louis neighborhoods. In the future, she aims to take her career a step further by obtaining a PhD in the field.

In her free time, Sawsan enjoys many things including a fresh cup of coffee, documentaries, and dabbling in different forms of art.

Christina White, PhD

Former Lab Coordinator

Christina was the 2nd Project Coordinator of the SPAN Lab. She joined our lab after earning her Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Saint Louis University, where her dissertation was concerned with interoceptive awareness and cognitive empathy.  She is currently a behavioral scientist and senior strategist in market research, applying her deep knowledge of human behavior to provide solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Merlyn Rodrigues, MA

Former Project Coordinator

Merlyn is currently a Senior Research Coordinator overseeing 3 clinical trials at the Department of Medicine, Section of Health Services Research, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.

Merlyn served as the project coordinator for the SPAN lab from 2007 – 2016 and set the tone for its early success. Prior to joining the SPAN lab, Merlyn coordinated two epidemiological studies in India on mental and reproductive health in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Over the span of 20 years, Merlyn has been a project coordinator on dozens of NIH, VA, and foundation-funded research projects. While her research interests are multifaceted, she is drawn towards projects that are geared at improving mental health and wellbeing. In her free time she enjoys dancing, interior decoration and shopping.