The undergraduate cohort focuses on enhancing the care which patients receive at the clinic, improving the quality of the care provided by the clinic, and supporting uninsured members of our community in the long-term. We have four core teams: nutritional counseling and research, fundraising and quality improvement, patient population outreach and assistance, and clinical technology.

The nutrition counseling team is trained by WashU medical students and physicians in providing nutritional and lifestyle interventions. They provide this care to patients and conduct research on these topics.

The fundraising and quality improvement team plans and executes fundraising events that help fund the many ambitious ideas of the clinic as well as improve the quality of care at the clinic.

The patient population outreach and assistance team is focused on innovating community interventions and services to provide long-term care for uninsured patients.

The clinical technology team improves the electronic medical record system, Osler, that allows for the efficient operation of the clinic as well as makes information about health more accessible. Our organization offers a stand-out opportunity to learn about health care organization and delivery as well as clinic management in an underserved population.