Getting Involved

We are in great need of more physician volunteers for our Saturday Clinic and Specialty Clinics! All physician volunteers must be Washington University-affiliates. 

To volunteer at our Saturday clinic, you must be board-certified in Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, or Internal Medicine.

To volunteer at Psych Night, you must be board-certified in Psychiatry.

To volunteer at Derm Night, you must be board-certified in Dermatology

What to Expect at Clinic

For Saturday Clinic, your presence will be needed at clinic from 9:00 AM until approximately 1:00 or 2:00 PM on your assigned Saturday at the Family Health Care Center at 4352 Manchester Avenue.

For Wednesday Specialty Clinic, your presence will be needed from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM on your assigned Wednesday at the Infectious Disease building at 620 S Taylor Avenue.

Both clinics have parking lots.

You will see up to 9 patients at Saturday Clinic, or up to 4 patients at Specialty Clinic

You will work with a team of up to three preclinical and three clinical medical students. The students will perform the initial H&P on each patient, present each case to you, and write notes for each encounter (which you will sign at your earliest convenience).

You will also work with three or four preclinical medical students acting as case managers who will manage all paperwork and logistics for each patient. The case managers may ask you to interpret lab results from the previous week’s patients.