Volunteer Manual

The updated 2018-2019 Volunteer Manual describes everything you need to know to prepare for your responsibilities at the SNHC. Inside you will find details of the clinic workflow, step-wise instructions for your day, and helpful tips and advice to optimize your volunteer experience.

Volunteer Checklist

The updated 2018-2019 Volunteer Checklist describes the daily workflow for volunteers

Sign Up

  1. Log in to SharePoint using “medpriv\” + your Medportal username
    1. You must use backslash = “\”, not “/”
    2. Example: For student Jane Smith, type medpriv\smithj
  2. Mouse over dates (in the left column) to view sign-up slots.
  3. Click on a date to view the entry for that day in more detail. This will allow you to see the coordinator’s email and volunteers’ phone numbers, which are not visible on the main page due to space limitations.
  4. Click “Edit Form“ (NOT “New Item”) to type in your info on the sign-up form.