The Saturday Neighborhood Health Clinic strives to provide healthcare to adults without medical insurance in the spirit of working towards health equity. Through longitudinal clinical experiences, we aim to train Washington University School of Medicine health professional students to work as patient advocates and effective members of interprofessional clinical teams.

What is SNHC?

SNHC is a student-run, free clinic for uninsured adult patients, run by medical students and staffed by physicians at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. We provide primary care services, including physical examinations, vaccinations and titers, preventative care, treatment for acute and chronic conditions, blood and urine lab analysis, medication prescription, and referrals for additional treatment.

Who do we serve?

To be a patient at SNHC, you must be

  1. Uninsured, and
  2. Over the age of 18

If you do not fit this description, we can help you to find a healthcare provider on our Resources page.