The Generic Congressional Ballot

A recent YouGov study casts a darker shadow over congressional Republicans than the generic congressional ballot does by it self. Over the last six months, Democrats have held an advantage in the generic congressional ballot, but it is just a 43-38 advantage in the April 15-17 survey. However, here are some other numbers:

  1. Only 9% think the current Congress has achieved more than usual, 25% say about the same as usual, and 39% say less than usual.
  2. Those who said less than usual (surely they were Democrats disproportionately) were asked whether the Democrats or the Republicans were “more to blame for Congress achieving less than usual.” The results were one-sided: 15% blamed the Democrats, 46% blamed the Republicans, and 39% said both equally, neither, or not sure.

Persuading Americans that congressional Republicans have been a successful governing party will be an uphill climb. The president is unlikely to be helpful on this count.

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