The College of Art has a dedicated professional development office that offers support to art + design students, as they explore, consider, and pursue professional and/or further academic opportunities, pre- and post-grad.

Students interested in learning more about Career Services opportunities in Art+Design or in scheduling an advising appointment should contact:


Jen Logan Meyer
Assistant Director, Career Development-Art



DISCLAIMER: The content on this site is intended to be supplementary, and should always function IN ADDITION TO meeting(s) with Jen Meyer.

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*As of 8/23


These meetings help students to structure the search as they learn to identify, develop, and master the skills to effectively target prospects — whether an internship, job, residency, fellowship, graduate school, or other professional opportunity. To make an appointment with Jen Meyer or another advisor, call 314-935-5930.


This ten-minute check-in is ideal for a quick review of a resume, to discuss edits to
a cover letter, or trouble-shoot a follow-up strategy with a prospect. Held Tuesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. and Thursdays noon to 1 p.m. (times and locations may change due to construction). Available to those who have had a 1:1 appointment previously. Weekly sign-up sheets are emailed on Monday afternoons.


The Pro Practices seminar is designed to provide a foundation for students to pursue professional, transitional, and further academic opportunities with confidence. Offered to juniors and seniors in Fashion and Communication Design. The nine-week program includes sessions on the development of résumé, cover letter, online presence and portfolio; and, skill-building sessions focused on networking, interviewing, social media and professional etiquette. Sessions begins September 6.


In partnership with faculty, the office leads a series of professional practices sessions that are integrated into the required curriculum for all junior and senior art students. Skill, material, and learning outcomes from the course support both a sustainable studio practice and beyond, where these outcomes can be leveraged into any number of career paths, fields, and industries.

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