Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the Idea Phase class? Checkout our Frequently Asked Questions below.


The Idea Phase class provides an opportunity for students who are interested in social entrepreneurship gain a series of practical skills. While created for those with an “Idea” for a social venture, it is open to anyone who is interested in the topic. The Idea Phase class is a free, online Google class. It doesn’t count for credits towards a degree. (Students seeking credit opportunities on this topic are welcome to visit this link.) The class is taught by Professor Heather Cameron and lessons include topics such as customer research, assumption testing, team building, competitive analysis, and more.
Yes. We welcome anyone interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation to join the class. We have participants from WashU and the community alike with diverse academic backgrounds, practical working and volunteer experience.
Yes, you are welcome to join the class. The curriculum is designed to help entrepreneurs think through revenue generation as part of the larger enterprise.
Yes, however we hope you can join us as the in-person meetups build upon the online classes to enrich the experience. Once you access the Google classroom all curriculum can be accessed online. You are free to watch the course videos and work on the accompanying homework assignments. Assigned peer group members will give you the feedback on your homework questions online and you can also leave comments under the videos with any questions.
Yes. We are welcome and encouraged to join for a second (or third) time. If you complete the class and feel you’re ready to move beyond the Idea Phase, you should contact Professor Cameron about subsequent opportunities.
The Google Class platform does not require a Gmail address to access it, though we have found it is easier to use the platform if you do.
Yes. The in-person class welcome every student who are interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation. We encourage community members to RSVP to if they would like to join us or if entrepreneurs would like to bring colleagues and friends to class.