Students enrolled in the Science Communication Credential program have produced the following publications. More coming soon!

Student of sleep: A profile of Lizzie Tilden
By Jenna Krizan • January 5, 2022
Published in the Department of Neuroscience website

Ashley Morhardt elected to the Academy of Educators
By Jenna Krizan • December 23, 2021
Published in the Department of Neuroscience website

Microbial Electrosynthesis for Sustainable Bioproduction
By Eric Conners • November 2, 2021
Published in Open Access News

Anti-Life Legislation: How the reversal of Roe v. Wade may impact IVF viability
By Rachel Sender • September 16, 2021
Published in Synapsis: A Health Humanities Journal

Recap: Environmental Justice with Just Moms STLs
By Kayla Hannon • April 9, 2021
Published in ProSPER Blog

WUSTL Alumni Shed Some Light on Science Communication Careers
By Eric Conners • March 5, 2021
Published in InPrint Blog

Dissemination and Implementation Science: An alternative post-doctoral career option
By Nicolette Laird • December 24, 2020
Published in ProSPER Blog

A Path Less Traveled: From the Bench to Fundraising to Training Physician-Scientists
By Maria Cimpean • November 16, 2020
Published in InPrint Blog

The Search for Mental Health Biomarkers
By Kayla Hannon • November 6, 2020
Published in ProSPER Blog

COVID-19 and Data Visualization – Unexpected Lessons
By Percy Griffin • August 12, 2020
Published in InPrint Blog

The events of the COVID-19 pandemic according to a 4th-year grad student
By Anna Damato • July 20, 2020
Published in the Department of Biology Newsletter

Spotlight on Faculty – Linda Pike
By Marissa Locke • July 20, 2020
Published in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics website

Neuroimaging for Mental Health
By Rosie Dutt • June 18, 2020
Published by 500 Women Scientists: #MeetTheLab

County health departments tackle COVID, can you help?
By Rosie Dutt • May 12, 2020
Published in Engineers & Scientists Acting Locally (ESAL) Blog

St. Louis Hidden Gems North St. Louis with Professor Bob Hansman Part 1
By Luis Sandoval • Spring 2020
Published in GradCast

Recap: Science Communication Career Panel
By Lucia Capano • February 5, 2020
Published in ProSPER Blog

An Insider’s Guide for Breaking into Scientific Editorial
By Marissa Locke • January 14, 2020
Published in InPrint Blog

Extracellular Electron Transfer (EET) Goes Mainstream
By Kevin Blake • May 13, 2019
Published in Small Things Considered

Specialist enzymes make E. coli antibiotic resistant at low PH
By Kevin Blake • April 9, 2019
Published in The Source

Mind Your Health: Impostor Phenomenon with Joel Dalton
By Luis Sandoval • Spring 2019
Published in GradCast

Ballot Issue Breakdown: Missouri Cannabis Legalization Measures
By Hannah E. Frye • October 18, 2018
Published in ProSPER Blog

Improved NMR sensitivity with an integrated EPR-NMR spectrometer
By Nicolette Laird
Published by WUSTL Office of Technology Management