Through the long-term support of St. Louis’ largest employers, STEMpact inspires students for the careers of the future by teaching and encouraging educators to infuse science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) into everyday teaching methods. This is done through an offering of robust, innovative professional development programs.

“STEMpact’s formula for success is simple and unique. We’ve identified teachers as the critical link that can increase the amount of STEM education our students are exposed to.”

Deborah Holmes
STEMpact Projects Manager/Facilitator

The STEMpact Teacher Quality Institute is STEMpact’s flagship  teacher training program. This 100-hour, year-long program focuses on “STEMitizing” everyday teaching methods. It’s available  to teachers, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, coordinators in grades K-8, who teach/support/integrate STEM.

The program begins with a 10-day summer institute held on the Washington University campus that includes field trips to area offices and labs to see how STEM is used in the real-world, making those career connections for teachers to pass onto to students. After the summer institute, participants continue their learning each month with six  after school sessions and three full day sessions.

What makes STEM TQ unique, is that after getting a foundation in STEM concepts, the program then goes beyond classrooms and curriculums and into the real world, demonstrating to teachers how STEM can be translated into meaningful careers.

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