Saint Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium

The Saint Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium coordinates public outreach opportunities and school programs in the St. Louis area. These fun, interactive experiences allow people of all ages to explore the mystery and wonder of the brain. Engage your own brain to discover its secrets!

The Saint Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium (STLNOC) aims to connect students, teachers and the public with brain-related research and educational opportunities across the St. Louis region. We support a variety of programs and events in Washington University and beyond, with the goal of promoting an understanding and appreciation of neuroscience for all ages.

Dov Lerman-Sinkoff: STLNOC President
Erik Herzog, PhD: Faculty Representative, WUSTL professor of biology


The Saint Louis Neuroscience Outreach Consortium coordinates public events and school programs in the St. Louis area, including…

The Amazing Brain Carnival
abc-logoThe Amazing Brain Carnival is held twice a year as a part of two larger events at the Saint Louis Science Center. HealthFest occurs each November and NeuroDay takes place each March. Come see neuroscience demonstrations by graduate students from Washington University in St. Louis. This event is fun for all ages! Click here to view a photo gallery of our Amazing Brain Carnival.

Brain Discovery
logo-highres-final1Brain Discovery is an innovative program that brings Washington University neuroscientists into the classroom to lead students in hands-on explorations of the brain and nervous system, with a focus on the scientific process. The program is currently offered to 3rd-6th grade classes in the St. Louis area. Opportunities for homeschool students are also available.

St. Louis Area Brain Bee
1SLABB-logo-300x70This annual event is a local competition for high school students that takes place each February on the Washington University Danforth campus. Students tests their knowledge of neuroscience, and participate to win prizes and do cool brain science activities. The winner is sent to attend the U.S. National Brain Bee competition.


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