Investigation Station

The Investigation Station is a roving vehicle of innovative, hands-on exhibits and specimens that makes learning fun as kids climb and crawl through and explore three zones in the 37-foot custom-built trailer.

The trailer is divided into three zones:

  • Zone 1 is the Missouri woodland area, anchored by a floor-to-ceiling sculpted tree and mural. Students can explore flora and fauna of a typical woodland scene by matching the corresponding magnet animals to their habitat. Also in Zone 1 is a mural of what’s underground in Missouri complete with attachable animals. Younger students can interact with a vast assortment of naturalistic puppets, learning about physical and behavioral characteristics of animals.
  • Zone 2 is the laboratory room in which students can study live and preserved plant, rock and animal specimens. This room includes projected microscopes, computer programs and DVD presentations, as well as several display cases filled with engaging materials. Students can sit on crafted tree stumps at wooden tables for their investigations.
  • Zone 3 is a replica of a Missouri limestone cave. Students can crawl through and examine the stalactites, stalagmites, animals, insects and rocks that make up a limestone cave. The students also look through a spelunker’s backpack to further understand cave exploration and ecological protection of this precious resource.

Investigation Station Request Form

Investigation Station Request Form


Thank you for your interest in the MySci Investigation Station. If you have a community event that could be enhanced by the presence of the Investigation Station, please use this form to make your request. Priority is placed on requests for school district or community-wide, family-friendly public events in the St. Louis area with a connection to science and/or education. You are encouraged to make a request well in advance of your event.

Before making your request, please be aware of the following: The Investigation Station is a 41-foot trailer that needs at least eight feet by 45 feet of flat and level paved space during deployment. More space is strongly recommended to accommodate visitors waiting outside the trailer. The deployment area must be accessible for the large semi-truck that delivers the Investigation Station. A MySci program staff member will need to scout out the proposed deployment area prior to final approval of deployment at an event.

In order to understand your needs, please provide as much information as possible below. You will be contacted by a MySci program staff person via email to follow up on your request.

Questions? Please contact Diane Pilla,, (314) 935-9856.