Curriculum Features (v.2)

The MySci curriculum was developed by teachers, for teachers. Through this design lens, MySci makes it easy for K-5 teachers to integrate science into daily classroom lessons.

MySci Features


Kit Set Up

  • easy to use
  • organized by lesson


  • high quality materials
  • engaging materials for students
  • lots of variety

Kit Delivery & Pick Up

  • delivered to your classroom
  • Picked up according to your schedule
  • Refurbished each time with new materials

Novel Eng

The Five E Cycle

  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Explain
  • Elaborate
  • Evaluate

Implementing Inquiry

  • professional development on inquiry-based learning
  • teacher guidance for discussion
  • sample inquiries in each lesson


  • Science and engineering habits of mind
  • can be applied nationally
  • rigorous standards

Missouri Learning Standards

  • easily applied to our local partners
  • makes connections between Missouri's standards and the NGSS

Check out how we align:



Each Unit inclues:

  • grade-appropriate literature
  • teacher guidance on class read alouds
  • writing opportunities for students on a variety of science topics
  • a list of suggested supplemental books and online resources


  • data collection
  • tables
  • graphing
  • averages
  • reading charts


  • Using online tools
  • Utilizing technology for communication
  • Optional digital student science journal
  • Interactive student activities