Launched in 2005 by Washington University with generous funding from the Monsanto Fund, the MySci program supports teachers with innovative lesson plans and instructional materials that promote hands-on student learning and cutting-edge methods for the teaching of science.

What makes MySci different?

  • MySci  provides high-quality, STEM-focused instructional materials in a format that allows teachers to implement best practices.
  • Because we’re local we individualize according to what will best serve a school district.
  • We are teachers, developing and piloting kits with teachers.
  • Teachers receive hands-on kits that include online curriculum with master handouts and video links.
  • The units use the Five E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate) Learning Cycle as the model for its lesson plans.
  • WashU faculty vet the science concepts embedded in the kits.
  • The lessons align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Missouri Learning Standards (GLEs).
  • We deliver materials, curriculum, professional development and classroom support.

How do I adopt MySci?

If you’re interested in adopting the MySci program for your district contact ??

As a partner of the MySci Program you have access to curriculum, student journals, pre-/post-assessments, lendable items, partner resources, and professional development opportunities

The MySci units are available online in a format that encourages all teachers to share their creative adaptations, additions, and recommendations. Instructional materials can be fluid, living documents that, unlike textbooks, can be continually improved and adapted based on user feedback.

What makes the curriculum unique?

Our lessons and investigations are designed to bring the excitement of hands-on learning to the K-12 classroom. Teams of master teachers and Washington University in St. Louis researchers develop, troubleshoot and field test each unit.

If you are a MySci Partner, press the red button to access the full units. For MySci Partners

What is the MySci Investigation Station?

The MySci Investigation Station is a nearly 40-foot custom-built trailer that travels to community-wide events in the St. Louis area. The roving vehicle of innovative, hands-on exhibits and specimens makes learning fun as kids climb and crawl through and explore. Want the investigation station to visit your event? Request It!

MySci Resource Center

MYSCI 6-8 — COMING SOON! (Rachel)

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