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Middle school is where students decide if it’s possible for them to pursue a STEM career. The mySci 6-8 curriculum builds on the success of mySci K-5. The collaborative nature of the mySci program is what makes it unique. mySci includes customized professional development for each school district.

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How do I adopt mySci 6-8?

As a mySci partner you have access to curriculum, student journals, pre-/post-assessments, lendable items, partner resources, and professional development opportunities

The mySci units are available online in a format that encourages all teachers to share their creative adaptations, additions, and recommendations. Instructional materials can be fluid, living documents that, unlike textbooks, can be continually improved and adapted based on user feedback.

Interested in adopting the mySci program for your district? Contact Diane Pilla at or 314-935-9856.

What makes mySci 6-8 different?

The mySci curriculum offers lessons aligned with Next Generation Science Stands (NGSS) that tell students a story through the lens of the driving question. As students answer this question, they take on the role of scientist or engineer as they create new knowledge and develop solutions to real-world problems.

mySci strives to create excellent curriculum and resources aligned to Next Generation Science Standers (NGSS) that meet the needs teachers and students in our region.

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