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Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Natalie Wee presents at ASBMR

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Natalie Wee presents at ASBMR
Dr. Wee was selected for a podium presentation for her work entitled "Shared autonomic pathways connect bone marrow and peripheral adipose tissues across the central neuraxis". She presented during the session on 'Bone-Lipid Connections' at the recent 2019 ASBMR meeting. This work was also recently accepted for publication in Frontiers in Endocrinology. Congratulations Natalie!

Peripheral Neuropathy as a Component of Diabetic Skeletal Disease

Peripheral Neuropathy as a Component of Diabetic Skeletal Disease
The goal of this review is to explore clinical associations between peripheral neuropathy and diabetic bone disease and to discuss how nerve dysfunction may contribute to dysregulation of bone metabolism, reduced bone quality, and fracture risk. In addition, we address therapeutic and experimental considerations to guide patient care and future research evaluating the emerging relationship […]

Exploiting Self-Capacitances for Wireless Power Transfer.

Exploiting Self-Capacitances for Wireless Power Transfer.
Conventional approaches for wireless power transfer rely on the mutual coupling (near-field or far-field) between the transmitter and receiver transducers. In this paper, we show that when the operational power-budget requirements are in the order of microwatts, a self-capacitance (SC)-based power delivery has significant advantages in terms of the power transfer-efficiency, receiver form-factor, and system […]

Characterization of the bone marrow adipocyte niche with 3D-EM.

Characterization of the bone marrow adipocyte niche with 3D-EM.
The bone marrow adipocyte (BMA) exists in a microenvironment containing unique populations of hematopoietic and skeletal cells. To study this microenvironment at the sub-cellular level, we performed a three-dimensional analysis of the ultrastructure of the BMA niche with focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM).


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