The Fourth International Workshop on the Statistical Analyses of Multi-outcome Data (SAM 2018) was held at Washington University in St. Louis on June 11-12, 2018 (Monday & Tuesday). The first three meetings were successfully convened in University of Paris VI (2012), Cambridge University (2014), and People’s University of China in Beijing (2016). We also have European sister meetings in the University of Liverpool (2017) and University of Manchester in 2019.

Invited speakers (including two keynote speakers, Drs. Jeremy Taylor and Richard Cook) presented interesting topics on joint models, high dimensional outcomes, dynamic prediction modeling, and recurrent event data. There was a tutorial on the Statistical Analyses of Multi-outcome Data before the meeting. In the tutorial we gave an introduction to the joint models of longitudinal and survival data and other related topics. Such models can be used to predict a survival endpoint using longitudinal biomarkers, and carry out sensitivity analysis in the presence of informative dropout. It may be of interest to researchers who are familiar with random effect models, Cox models, and have intermediate SAS and/ or R programming skills. Student posters were presented and entered into a competition.


Jack Kalbfleisch (University of Michigan, USA)
Lei Liu (Washington University, USA)
J. Philip Miller (Washington University, USA)
D.C. Rao (Washington University, USA)
Chengjie Xiong (Washington University, USA)