Mr. Lee E. Rodriguez Sr.

Recruitment Operations Officer (ROO)

Mr. Lee E. Rodriguez graduated from Temple High School in Temple, Texas, in 1984. After graduation, he enlisted in the United States Army as a 16S Manpads Crewman. He attended One Station Unit Training at Fort Bliss, Texas. Upon completion of OSUT, Mr. Rodriguez attended Basic Airborne Training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Mr. Rodriguez retired as a Master Sergeant with 29 years of active duty service.

Mr. Rodriguez’s duty assignments include Alpha Battery 1-62 ADA, 7th ID (L) Fort Ord, California; Bravo Battery 2-5 ADA 2nd AD, Fort Hood, Texas; USAREC, 5th Recruiting BDE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Alpha, Delta, and HHB Battery 4-5 ADA 1st CAV, Fort Hood, Texas; BDE C2 and PLANS JRTC CMD, Fort Polk, Louisiana; Alpha Battery 2-62 ADA 25th ID (L), Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; 211th Regional Training Institute AC/RC, Camp Blanding, Florida; Echo Battery and Alpha Battery, 69th ADA BDE, and HHB Battery 6-52 ADA 31st ADA BDE; Army ROTC University of North Carolina at Charlotte; and HHB 3-4 ADAR 108th ADA BDE, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Mr. Rodriguez’s duty positions include Stinger Gunner, Stinger Team Chief, Stinger Section Sergeant, Stinger Platoon Sergeant, Avenger Platoon Sergeant, Brigade Liaison Officer, NCOIC Division ADA Staff, OIC Division ADA Staff, Recruiter, Battalion EXEVAL Team, Observer Controller, AC/RC duty, Battery 1SG, Senior Military Instructor ROTC, Battalion S-2 NCOIC and FWD deployed Force Protection NCOIC.

Mr. Rodriguez’s military schools and training includes First Sergeant’s Course (Commandant’s List), ANCOC (Commandant’s List), BNCOC, PLDC, Basic Airborne Training, Air Assault School, Recruiting School, Avenger Master Gunner Class 5, Northern Warfare Artic Training, UADC Coordinator, Consideration of Others Facilitator, Instructor Training, Small Group Instructor Training, Cadet Command Pre Command Course, Cadet Command Military History Instructor Course and Anti-Terror Level II Course.

Mr. Rodriguez’s awards include 4 MSMs, 5 ARCOMs, 9 AAMs, Basic Airborne Badge, Air Assault Badge and the Recruiting Gold Badge with 1 Sapphire.

Mr. Rodriguez holds a B.S. in Human Resource Management with Honors from Baker College.

Mr. Rodriguez is married to the former Charlotte Cox of Belton Texas. They have 7 children, Lee Jr., Katelyn, Tyler, Mackenzie, Mason, Adriana and Logan.