Our primary objective is to create and analyze a model of Busch Gardens Tampa on SIMUL8 in order to minimize wait time through implementation of a unique and free “fastpass” system. We aim to develop a virtual theme park using SIMUL8 to show the flow of people throughout the park and how wait times at each ride varies throughout the day. Our goal is to better distribute park guests to minimize the time people spend waiting in lines through analysis of our simulation. The simulation contains activities as well as queues that connect each activity. This mimics the park’s roller coasters and lines as activities and queues, respectively. Our SIMUL8 model works by moving and tracking every individual that goes through the park and collecting data about their trip. Our simulation also contains visual logic code that will allow us to create and input parameters, such as each rider cannot go on the same roller coaster more than three times in a row, to dictate a rider’s day. The visual logic code is written in conjunction with the simulation to essentially control the simulation and tell it to act in a desired way. This code will be described in more detail later.