The result we achieved can be seen in Figure 16. While the increased quantity of people waiting shorter wait times may appear like a negative implication of our fastpass, the overall smoothed curve is the generally desired outcome we achieved. We wanted more people to experience less wait time throughout the day, and fewer people to be caught up in extreme wait times. Due to our fastpass system, the peak times have been greatly diminished.

Unfortunately, we would have to actually implement this system in order to collect real data and determine exactly how many fastpasses would need to be handed out at which hours as well as how many people would follow our advice and go in a direction they might not have otherwise gone. However, what we can say, is that we recommend fastpasses to be handed out at the entrance of the park to better distribute park guests throughout the day.

In our control group, we found that a great deal of people were spending a lot of time (210+ minutes) in lines throughout their day, and only a small portion of people were experiencing low wait times. With our fastpass system we were hoping to redistribute wait times so that more people would experience lower wait times, and fewer people would experience high wait times.


Figure 16: Park Guests Daily Cumulative Wait Time (Model 1 Versus Model 2)