Open Letter Against the International Student Ban

We are gravely concerned about the new visa guidelines released yesterday. Our international students are very important to us and we support them through this unsettling time. The following is an open letter signed by faculty across the country in support of our international students and against the guidelines.

On Race, Colonialism, and Falling Monuments in Spain and the US

By Akiko Tsuchiya Note: Part of this blog entry is based on my article, “Monuments and Public Memory: Antonio López y López, Slavery, and the Cuban-Catalan Connection,” published in Nineteenth-Century Contexts 2019, Vol. 41, No. 5, pp. 479-500. On June 4, 2020, the governor of Virginia ordered the removal of Richmond’s monument to Confederate General […]

Italy has its own George and its own Breonna

Italy has its own George and its own Breonna: Racism and antiracist protests in Italy[1] Elena Dalla Torre June 8, 2020   On June 2, Italy celebrated the foundation of the Republic, which marked with women’s vote, 74 years ago, Italy’s birth to a new era of democracy and reconstruction.  With the birth of the […]