This is the website for the Senior Capstone project for Luke Lozenski, James Lee, and Owen Rathbone. This project was completed under the advisement of Dr. Neal Patwari and with help from Alemaheyu Abrar. The primary objective of the project was to design a system for breathing estimation and detection that is capable of rejecting noise and is sensitive to a wide range of subjects. This goal was achieved by implementing a radio frequency (RF) based system that is able to detect breathing via the change of volume in subjects’ chests as they breathe. This allows us to distinguish living subjects that breathe from inanimate objects which do not. The system can be utilized to detect when children and pets have been left in automobiles.

Over the course of the semester, we were able to successfully detect breathing and the presence of life using RF waves transmitted from the Cerberus device. The system accurately depicts and calculates the breathing rate of its subjects, confirming life in its given space. This detection ability can be further applied to many different applications, including our original goal of car safety.