The Remote Sensing Laboratory is the home of the Geosciences Node of the NASA Planetary Data System (PDS) , one of several Discipline Nodes around the country charged with maintaining the permanent science archives of NASA’s unmanned planetary missions. The PDS ensures the ongoing availability and usability of these irreplaceable data sets by entrusting them to the scientists who are the experts in the various fields of study. Specifically, the Geosciences Node archives and distributes data related to the geosciences discipline, the study of the surfaces and interiors of the terrestrial planetary bodies–Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Earth’s Moon.

 The data holdings, tools, and more information may be found on the PDS Geosciences Node web site. All the archives are online and available to the public free of charge.

 The Analyst’s Notebook provides enhanced access to data from landed missions to the Moon and Mars. The Notebook integrates the science data products with engineering data, documentation, and mission history to provide important context for the science observations. Data may be viewed on screen and downloaded.

The Orbital Data Explorer enables search, display, and download of data from orbital missions to Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Moon. Queries may search across instruments and even across missions using criteria based on time, location, geographic feature, and other characteristics.