Mission Statement: The Real Estate Law Society of Washington University School of Law seeks to provide students with opportunity for professional development and networking to support them in their career pursuits. 

Professional Development – Providing students with insight into real practice as it pertains to Real Estate Law

Networking through panel discussions with practitioners discussing ongoing trends in real estate law and explaining how practitioners got involved in real estate

Community Service – Community Philanthropy

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Have you built websites before?

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Editing the homepage

We recommend publishing your site’s homepage last, after the rest of the site is built and ready to launch.

As a portal to the most important content and actions within your site, your homepage requires established pages and posts for you to embed, link to and feature.

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Or, if you have a different vision for your homepage, create a brand new page and start from scratch. Just be sure to set that new homepage as your site’s front page so that it will be the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your site.

Setting a front page

This sample homepage is intended to introduce you to the Web Theme features and give you resources to get started. You may wish to simply edit over this content to create your website’s homepage. Just be sure to not leave any lingering template content once your site is live.

Depending on how you want your website’s homepage to look, it may, however, be easier to start fresh and create a new homepage from scratch. In that case, be sure to set your new homepage as the site’s front page so your site visitors see your beautiful homepage first thing when they land on your site.

Launching your site

When your site is done and ready for its debut, our Launch Guide will walk you through the final steps to ensure your site is visible and working at its best.