Religion and Politics in Early America (Beginnings to 1820)

St. Louis, March 1-4, 2018

This conference explores the intersections between religion and politics in early America from pre-contact through the early republic. All panels relate to the way religion shapes politics or politics shapes religion—how the two come into conflict, collaborate, or otherwise configure each other. We define the terms “religion” and “politics” broadly, including (for example) studies of secularity and doubt. This conference has a broad temporal, geographic, and topical expanse. Scholars will be coming from multiple disciplines, including American Studies, English, History, Law, Political Science, Religious Studies, and more. Finally, special panel series will hold related panels open for all participants to attend. These series will examine the material cultures of religion and politics, Native American religion and politics, mission work, disestablishment and religious toleration, William Penn and his legacy, and issue of globalization and cosmopolitanism in early America. We look forward to exciting discussions and welcome you to the conference.

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