Krista Milich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biological Anthropology

Krista Milich is a primate behavioral ecologist and socioendocrinologist with a particular interest in reproductive physiology and sexual selection. 

She received her Ph.D. In Anthropology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Alex Sacco

Graduate Student

Alex is a graduate student interested in primate health with a focus on socioendocrinology and immunity.

She received her Master’s in Primate Behavior and Ecology at Central Washington University.

Amy Luo

Undergraduate Student

Amy is a current rising senior studying Biochemistry and Global Health & Environment. Following graduation, she is interested in pursuing a career in infectious diseases and international health.

Lev Kolinski

Undergraduate Student

Lev is a junior majoring in Anthropology with minors in Biology and Spanish. He is especially interested in nonhuman primate conservation and reproductive strategies and hopes to pursue an advanced degree in biological anthropology.

Nick Miller

Undergraduate Student

Nick is a junior studying Anthropology and Psychology. He is interested in global health and plans to pursue a career in medicine.

Alana Labaschin

Undergraduate Student

Alana is a rising senior majoring in Physics with minors in Psychology and Anthropology. She intends to go to medical school after college.

Rafael-Angel Ocasio

Undergraduate Student

Rafael is a junior majoring in Global Health and Environment and Healthcare Management. He is interested in public health and microbiome research and plans on attending medical school after college.

Naomi Steele

Undergraduate Student

Naomi is a rising sophomore with plans to major in Cognitive Neuroscience and minor in Anthropology. She is particularly interested in the cognitive similarities between humans and non-human primates and the conservation of endangered primate species.


Laura Abondano

Visiting Researcher Fall 2019

Laura is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. Her doctoral dissertation investigates female reproductive strategies in wild woolly monkeys from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, using a combination of behavioral, genetic, and endocrinological methods. 

Laura is currently a visiting researcher in the Reproductive Ecology and Behavioral Endocrinology Lab at Washington University, where she is conducting endocrinological analyses to identify hormonal correlates of spider and woolly monkey cooperative behaviors.  

Kayce Sorbello

BA 2019

Kayce is a recent graduate who majored in International & Area Studies with a minor in Anthropology. She is passionate about working with communities and will be joining The Peanut Butter Project’s team in Sierra Leone beginning this fall.

Jillian McCarten

BA 2018

Jillian is a recent graduate currently serving as an Americorps vista. She is working with the Aims Foundation, an organization in Greeley Colorado that provides scholarships to local community college students. She is hoping to pursue a graduate degree in anthropology afterwards.