Welcome to the Center for Applied Neural Engineering

We are looking for interested MS, PhD, and MD students to join the lab. Please reach out to us to learn more!

Research Summary

We are interested in the development and validation of electrode/tissue interfaces for regenerative and rehabilitative applications. Here is a brief summary of our current research projects:

  1. We seek to restore motor and sensory function in spinal cord injury and amputee populations. Ongoing collaborations with NeuroNexus and the laboratory of Dr. Daniel Moran have culminated in the development of a peripheral nerve electrode implant called the macrosieve (MSE), which is ideally suited due to its prolonged stability and ability to selectively recruit subclusters of axons within the nerve cross-section.
  2. We are developing resorbable implants that negate the need for subsequent removal surgery. These implants are wirelessly powered, and could find applications in promoting peripheral nerve and bone repair following injury.