July 2020

BLRD Merit Review Pilot proposal funded!

Our proposal “Toxicology study of emissions from a burn pit simulator”, submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs (Veterans Health Administration, and Office of Research Development), is intended to be funded. We are developing a one-of-a-kind bench-top burn pit simulator, addressing how burn pit emissions impact our Veteran’s health in the long term.


March 2020

Dr. Laradji’s manuscript accepted!

Our manuscript “Bioinspired Thermosensitive Hydrogel as a Vitreous Substitute: Synthesis, Properties, and Progress of Animal Studies” by Amine Laradji, Ying-Bo Shui, Bedia Begüm Karakoҫak, Lynn Evans, Paul Hamilton, and Nathan Ravi has been accepted for publication in the journal Materials!
January 2020

Dr. Das joins our group!

Dr. Das at her work station in McMillan.

We welcome Dr. Das, an expert in autophagy and apoptosis! She moved to St. Louis from Dallas, TX (UT Health Science Center), where she completed a 2-year postdoctoral appointment with Dr. Shetty.


November 2019

Veterans Affairs Interviews Dr. Ravi

Dr. Ravi supervising Dr. Laradji, and Ms. Evans in their natural habitat.

See the interview on the Veterans Research & Education Foundation (VREF) of St. Louis page.