Future Work

Position Tracking

  • Use of WiFi Access Point to increase signal strength for TCP connection between Motion Capture PC and Raspberry Pi(s).
  • Introduce support for multiple Pi Car vehicles:
    • Associate different LED matrices installed on the vehicles with different rigid bodies in Motive.
    • Introduce unique identifier for each vehicle’s payload struct.
    • Allow each car client to send message requests for specific payloads.

Sensor Reads

  • Utilize the Pi Camera to provide streamed images to user programs on request. This can be used for computer vision applications in autonomous driving.
  • Sensor fusion of the IMU and encoder data points, with Motive positions to serve as calibration / adjustment tool.


  • Re-attempt parallel processing in the form Twisted’s ProcessProtocol module. This requires some experimentation with supplying the ‘executable’ (e.g. provide system binary for Python interpreter, and within that session execute pertinent Python scripts).
  • Raising priority level of scheduler process with respect to other system processes on Raspberry Pi, in order to reduce inconsistencies with frame time intervals.
  • If certain controller programs do not require Motive positions, circumvent the scheduler by having the program call the IMU and Encoder sampling functions directly.