My research expertise is in the product and technology development with the aim of reducing fertilizer runoff while improving sustainable agriculture. A. Develop a fertilizer and its delivery techniques that has nearly 100% use efficiency so zero runoff; B. Climate-Smart Agriculture: Nanoscale composite formulation showing spatial and temporal release profile of nutrient, pesticides, and water. C. Energy efficient recovery, recycle and reuse of nutrients and water from waste-water; D. Integration of data science and artificial intelligence for precision and sustainable agriculture.

I worked on developing methods for synthesizing novel inorganic and organic nanomaterials with independently controlled properties. I have been using in-vitro and in vivo biosynthesis, sol-gel, aerosol and physical synthesis approaches. These nanoparticles have been used to study their impact on plant nutrition, plant protection, biomedical uses including drug delivery, therapeutics, and imaging, water chemistry, energy storage materials, sensors, and environmental interactions. You may find relevant details at 

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