Principal Investigator

Vijay Ramani

Roma B. & Raymond H. Wittcoff Distinguished University Professor

Graduate Director, Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

OVCR Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship

Danforth Campus Director, Center for Solar Energy and Energy Storage  

Research Scientist

Shrihari Sankarasubramanian

Engineer electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices for grid-scale energy storage

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Pralay Gayen

Develop PGM-Free, corrosion resistance catalyst 

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Sulay Saha

Electrocatalysis, Ab-initio Modelling

Doctoral Graduate Student

Yunzhu Zhang

Engineer AEMs

Doctoral Graduate Student

Ram Ji Dixit

Based at IIT Delhi; Co-advised by Dr. Suddhasatwa Basu (Primary Advisor)

Electrochemical production of Bio-fuels

Doctoral Graduate Student

Jing Xie

Engineer electrode and electrolyte design for higher energy output and efficiency for Cerium RFB

Doctoral Graduate Student

Kritika Sharma

Engineer Liquid-liquid Fuel cells

Doctoral Graduate Student

Erfan Asadipour 

Design and Model Redox Flow Batteries for Enhancing Their Performance and Energy-Efficiency 

Doctoral Graduate Student

Melissa K McCann

Design Conductive Polymer Composite Flow Fields for Electrochemical Energy Storage

Doctoral Graduate Student

Maria Bruce

Performance modelling and scale-up engineering of Ti-Ce electrode-decoupled redox flow battery