Project Summary

Researchers at the XZ Group study how physically realizable adversaries attack end-to-end self driving models through computer simulations.  A previous ESE Capstone group built a model car for the research group.  Our group built autonomous capabilities on top of the model car so that the research group can transition their computer simulations to the real world.


Ben Guan: B.S. in Electrical Engineering & B.S. Computer Engineering

Shouta Fukamachi: B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Keith Kamons: B.S. System Engineering



Dr. Silvia Zhang, Ph.D, MS, B.Eng

Electrical and Systems Engineering

Adith Jagadith Boloor

M.Eng Robotics, B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Karthik Garimella

M.Sc Computer Vision, Machine Learning and AI, B.S. Physics