An Investigation Project On The Pupper Robot


The purpose of this project is to provide insights on the Pupper Robot for future studies and research.

Main objectives:

  • 1. Build the robot and analyze the dynamical behaviors of the robot.
  • 2. Investigate the robot control from both hardware and software perspectives.
  • 3. Design a new gait for the Pupper Robot.
  • 4. Create an implementation guide for future groups, documenting knowledge we have learned during the project.


  • A. Built a fully functioning robot.
  • B. Investigated the theoretical underpinnings of quadruped robots, including inverse kinematics and gait generation theories.
  • C. Understood and reflected on the control structure of the robot.
  • D. Implemented a new jumping gait which allows the robot to leap forward and land on balance.
  • E. Composed detailed guides on robot building instructions, controller files installation, simulator installation, and simulator modifications.


Stuart Bowers

Lee Redden



Dr. Dorothy Wang, ESE

Dr. Louis Woodhams, MEMS

Group Members

Tom Kang, ESE

Daniel Shen, MEMS

Kenny Huang, MEMS

Isaac Sasser, MEMS

Aaron Manuel, MEMS

Special Thanks

Mark Bowers, Simulator Developer

Nathan Kau, Pupper Designer